SLC Bylaws




I.               Mission

A.    The Cornell Law School Student Leadership Council (SLC) will serve as a forum for collaboration among student organizations, the Cornell Law Students Association (CLSA), the administration, and the student body.  The SLC shall proactively identify, research, and discuss Law School issues with the intent to bring these issues to the attention of the administration and the student body and to pursue comprehensive and beneficial solutions to those problems.

II.              Membership

A.    Selection Criteria

1.              All organizations approved as chartered or officially recognized organizations are members of the SLC General Body.  The General Body will be chaired by the President of CLSA or by the President’s designated appointee.

B.    General Body

1.     Composition

a.      The General Body will consist of the Elected Heads, CLSA Board Members, and two Executive Directors, as defined below.

b.     Elected Heads. The Elected Heads shall be the presidents, editors-in-chief, or main leaders of chartered or officially recognized Cornell Law School student organizations.

c.      CLSA Board Members. Current CLSA Board Members shall be invited to attend and permitted to participate in all meetings.

d.     Executive Directors. Two (2) Executive Directors will work closely with the CLSA President and Executive Vice-President to plan and organize SLC meetings and activities.  These individuals will be elected by the outgoing Elected Heads of SLC from nominations submitted by those Elected Heads.

e.      In order to facilitate communication between the SLC and the administration,

the Chair shall invite an appropriate Student Affairs and Dean of  Students administrator to the SLC meetings.  No Dean need accept the invitation.

f.       The SLC advisor will hold a permanent invitation to all meetings.

g.     Other guests may be invited to SLC meetings at the discretion of the Chair.

2.     Attendance

a.      Meetings of the SLC will be planned and announced well in advance for a time and date, as feasible, when the entire General Body can attend.

b.     Only the Elected Head of an organization, or as a substitute, the second in command, but not both, may attend an SLC meeting.

c.      An organization’s absence at more than one meeting per semester will result in the loss of the organization’s position on the SLC for the remainder of the academic year.

3.     Duties and Responsibilities

a.      The SLC shall meet not less than twice each semester.

b.     The duties of the Chair shall include, but not be limited to:

(1)    Convening the SLC meetings (at least twice per semester).

(2)    Providing meeting agendas to the SLC General Body not less than two (2) days before any General Body meeting.

c.      The duties of the SLC Executive Directors shall include, but not be

limited to, assisting the Chair with committee projects. The specific duties will be discussed with the chair and approved by the CLSA Executive Committee at the first meeting of the year.

d.     The Chair and Executive Directors may invite to the SLC meetings

legislative assistants as needed to promote efficiency within the SLC and with the projects of the committee.  Legislative assistants will be non-voting members of the SLC.

e.      Groups represented in the SLC may submit Position Statements to the SLC at the request of the Chair or at any time.  Position Statements will be used to gain a full understanding of a particular issue and shall be forwarded to CLSA in an unabridged, unedited format by the Chair.

III.            Amendment Procedure

A.    All proposed amendments to these By-Laws must be submitted to the General Body not less than two (2) days before a scheduled SLC meeting.

B.    Any amendment to these By-Laws must be approved by a majority vote of those present and eligible to vote.

C.    In the case of future approved amendments to these By-Laws, the entire document shall be retyped to include the amendments and shall replace the previous full copy of the By-Laws in CLSA records.  A clause shall be added at the end of the newly retyped By-Laws giving the dates of all amendments.  Only the most recent amendment shall be retained in the CLSA records, and previous ones may be discarded as their text will be included in the full By-Laws.

Ratified at the first meeting of the SLC on April 20, 2011.